April 2018: treeme has its finger on the pulse of the times

If the new law regarding endangered species that also applies to types of wood had not come into force, then the musical instruments business would have nothing to worry about. Because it only achieved a turnover of more than one (US) billion Euro with keyboard, string, plucked and percussion instruments in 2017.

Since last year the importing of high-quality wood into Germany has been strictly controlled, which greatly restricts the instrument makers due to their love of the best tone woods. This applies in particular to the visual and acoustic properties of rosewood, which has been placed under protection since autumn 2016 after the conference on endangered species.


As a result, the sector as a whole recorded a clear loss as opposed to the positive overall trend, and in the guitar sector in particular. Furthermore,t his legislation providing protection, even though it was urgently necessary, has led to a distortion in competition between the German and European music trade where the regulations are specified and applied more loosely.

We at treeme have already long kept an eye on the protection of the diversity of species among exotic woods. As a result, we have found precisely the optimal alternative for wooden and sports instruments, furniture and other products made of top-quality wood.

For more than two years now we have been collaborating with our partners who previously worked with these endangered types of wood and have now discovered a passion for our paulownia wood. Thus we are now closing with our paulownia wood precisely that gap so as to be able to continue to combine beautiful wood design with its functionality for our products.

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