Dear tree-lovers,
In May 2018 we prepared the ground in Bietigheim for 20,000 new Paulownia trees. After the first year’s growth, the trees were cut back in March 2019 to just above ground level to promote growth in the root system. This process is essential to developing superior wood quality.

Due to the warm spring this year, the planting of our 3-year old roots started earlier than planned. For this reason our team started planting the areas of Beusters/Losenrade in early April.

Slowly but surely, the large heart-shaped leaves of our treeme trees unfold. The leaves of the paulownia reach an impressive diameter of around 40 cm and absorb many times more CO2 when compared to other types of tree.

The new year of 2019 starts at our new treeme plantation in Opfenbach with a wonderful winter landscape. We wish you a happy and healthy year and look forward to once again being able to send to you the treeme news on a monthly basis.

Our paulownia trees are now is a quiescent phase and are regenerating themselves for a new and powerful year. We would like to show you some winter impressions of our plantation in Opfenbach for the end of the year.

This month we are glad to have the opportunity to give you a look at the new workshop of Enlain. Our partner Enlain is regarded today as one of the best manufacturers of wooden surfboards made of treeme wood. The new workshop in Laax now provides the space required for creativity and fine craftsmanship.

This month we are presenting for you our new PR film "TREEME - the project" and hope you will enjoy it.

Enjoy the review of our summerly Come together 2018.

People but also animals and plants suffered from the sustained heat and drought this record-breaking summer. This of course brings up the obvious question as to how the treeme trees on the plantations in Saxony-Anhalt and Baden-Württemberg are doing.

Our high-quality treeme wood has been brought to life. We present for you our Music Jam in Innsbruck. For example, here are the electric guitar and the electric bass from the treeme Edition NATURE, manufactured by our partner HEMAGE.

These could be the products of tomorrow! The Gewerbliche Berufs- und Weiterbildungszentrum St. Gallen (Vocational Training and Education Centre) started an incredibly productive project with treeme. Here it was a matter of teacher Andreas Bechtiger teasing out as much creativity as possible from his "Industrial Design Class."

Today we are very pleased to have the opportunity to be able to present our new plantation in Bietigheim, near Karlsruhe. In the middle of May our paulownia trees started their journey from China to Germany and now they are growing with their full vigour to become strong trees on our ecologically designed plantation.

If the new law regarding endangered species that also applies to types of wood had not come into force, then the musical instruments business would have nothing to worry about. Because it only achieved a turnover of more than one (US) billion Euro with keyboard, string, plucked and percussion instruments in 2017.

One of the biggest trade fairs for landscaping and garden architecture, the GIARDINA – Leben im Garten {Life in the garden] was held in March in Zürich.

The sustainable cultivation of quick-growing paulownia trees is now a matter of course in Seehausen. Instead of fields of cereals, eco-farmer Lutz Koch now commits himself to the ecological cultivation of first-class paulownia trees from treeme.

We would like to wish you a happy and healthy year in 2018. We are very pleased to be able to report that we have brought our treeme online shop to life after extensive preparations.

The paulownia tree is the tree that has an unbeatable ability to absorb CO2 due to its very rapid growth and its oversized leaves with a diameter of up to 40 cm. A treeme paulownia tree can increase in mass by 12 to 15% in just one year. This results in a correspondingly high degree of CO2 binding / capture. This gives each treeme tree owner the possibility to positively change his own CO2 footprint that we create through our daily activities.

There are innumerable different types of wood around the world, which differ in their properties. We at treeme have picked the tree that is the most interesting for us - the paulownia tree. Due to the refined texture of its wood, plus the fact that it is very easy to shape and has a low weight, the wood from this tree is unbeatable for the manufacture of high-quality products.

We exclusively use the paulownia wood for the manufacture of products using of top-quality wood. We are obtaining this wood for our long-time partner in China until we have our first own actual harvest. Our products, such as surfboards, guitars or bikes are developed and manufactured under the overall name of treeme.edition.

What are the differences between cheap grades and 1A quality in the paulownia wood market?
The cheap forms of paulownia wood that are offered inherently differ very greatly and are there therefore often discussed as such. If you look at the paulownia wood that is offered at low prices, and especially in online trading, then what lies behind this is not actually high-quality paulownia wood.

The paulownia, also called the foxglove tree, is a tree that originates from China and first came to Europe in 1834 and has been known here since then as a decorative tree. In its natural environment the tree produces an upright and very large flower from April to May each year, which later turns into a seed capsule.

We are very pleased to be able to start sending out our monthly news. In future you will be able to find on our homepage information on the topic of paulownias and treeme from the 28th of each month.

What it is about, and why trees with special properties have a "tradition" at this location.

It is always a good reason to celebrate when the treeme family comes together. In the last resort, we do not see each other so often, even though the plantations are in Germany because they are all far apart from each other. And we always have a lot to say to each other at the treeme Come Togethers. We are not exaggerating when we celebrate this event as the highlight of a successful year.

an opportunity for the wood from treeme

"CITES" is a word that makes people mad in the music industry. If somebody has in their luggage a cello that had been made of rosewood, they must reckon that at a border crossing they must provide a corresponding certificate that proves that it had not been made of wood this is on the list of the current treaty on endangered species. There are very good alternatives to the protected tropical woods and this type of wood has been used to make musical instruments for hundreds of years now.

Paulownia is an ideal tone wood that is superbly suited as a wood to make valuable musical instruments. However, a treeme guitar made entirely of this wood is quite another thing. It sounds good and weighs little - every guitarist would love that.

It has been possible to earn good money from wood for centuries now. What only a very few people know: In recent decades wood has put in a most impressive performance.

treeme wood will be needed in future

Buying trees

treeme is offering interested parties the opportunity to acquire profit-sharing rights related to the sale of the precious wood of treeme trees. The minimum number of profit-sharing claims is 15. We would be pleased if you contact us for detailed information.

(For residents of Germany, a minimum investment of 200.000 € is currently required.)

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