The treeme project was brought to life by Green Wood International AG to provide the best, high grade wood from trees that are carefully managed and closely monitored.

treeme is offering interested parties the option to buy Treeme packages in lots of 15 trees or more. We would be happy to provide detailed information on request.

The acquisition of this investment is associated with considerable risks and can lead to the complete loss of the assets invested. - Investing sustainably: Making money with trees - Compendium | Welt der Wunder

treeme Paulownia Edelholz-Plantagen

The treeme shop is the sales and promotional platform for exciting, high quality and innovative products that take full advantage of the unique physical and aesthetic properties of Paulownia wood.

treeme Paulownia Edelholz-Plantagen

Join us on our internet streaming channel on a journey through the adventurous world of the incomparable Paulownia tree and its unique wood. It is a world full of interesting products, innovations, adventures and action.