An environmental measure that pays off

Through the ecological cultivation of the fast-growing Paulownia trees, we make a major contribution to CO2 compensation. Together with the world's largest testing institute, SGS, we began four years ago to have our trees tested and certified with regard to their CO2 binding capacity. Through the constant monitoring and controlling of our plantations by SGS, as well as the measurement of the annual growth of wood, full transparency is guaranteed at all times.

At the end of the maximum 15-year growth period, high-quality tree-Paulownia products are produced from the precious wood together with our partners and the compensated CO2 is permanently bound in the wood. If you are interested in our products made of Paulownia precious wood, please visit our

CO2 Zertifikat
SGS Zertifikat


CO2-certificate request form

GWI offers interested parties the opportunity to purchase CO2 certificates to enhance their own ecological footprint. The price per one ton of compensation depends on the purchase quantity. We would be pleased if you contact us for detailed information.

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