June 2018: GBS St. Gallen develops new paulownia wood products with treeme

These could be the products of tomorrow! The Gewerbliche Berufs- und Weiterbildungszentrum St. Gallen (Vocational Training and Education Centre) started an incredibly productive project with treeme. Here it was a matter of teacher Andreas Bechtiger teasing out as much creativity as possible from his "Industrial Design Class."

The students were free to do as they liked in the project tuition that covered the motto "Designing with wood to suit the material." The task in hand was very simple: The properties of our light and stable paulownia wood provided the topic. Each student was to implement his or her own ideas up to the level of a functional prototype. The five-week project brought forth some extremely impressive ideas that more than inspired us after an intensive discussion, moodboards and 3D model drawings and work with our own paulownia wood. We will help bring some of these ideas up to readiness for the market.

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