September 2017: treeme.edition by Hemage

There are innumerable different types of wood around the world, which differ in their properties. We at treeme have picked the tree that is the most interesting for us - the paulownia tree. Due to the refined texture of its wood, plus the fact that it is very easy to shape and has a low weight, the wood from this tree is unbeatable for the manufacture of high-quality products.

treeme is not only a pioneer for paulownia plantations in Germany, but is also right at the top when it comes to the manufacture of premium products made from paulownia wood. We are very proud to be able to present to you the first "Ultra light electric guitars" and "Ultra light electric basses" as the treeme.edition from Hemage.

Visit our information site and let yourself be inspired by the pictures and the history of the manufacture of these wonderful instruments.

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treeme is offering interested parties the opportunity to acquire profit-sharing rights related to the sale of the precious wood of treeme trees. The minimum number of profit-sharing claims is 15. We would be pleased if you contact us for detailed information.