July 2017: 1A grade high-quality paulownia wood

What are the differences between cheap grades and 1A quality in the paulownia wood market?
The cheap forms of paulownia wood that are offered inherently differ very greatly and are there therefore often discussed as such. If you look at the paulownia wood that is offered at low prices, and especially in online trading, then what lies behind this is not actually high-quality paulownia wood.

These "bargains" are for the most part made from waste from the pruning of paulownia trees in China. The pruning waste is cut into small strips and then glued together. Thus it actually involves a by-product. Almost all our partners for the production of refined and top-quality end products had to discover this for themselves before they came to us and found out the difference between our natural wood and what is offered in the Internet and then to make use of it.

We obtain the wood for our products that we make from top-quality natural paulownia wood directly from our long-term partner in the PRC, who has special permission to export this natural wood to us. This was given on the basis that we exclusively source the trees for our plantations from this institute and are only supplied by them. Here we and our partners can be certain that we exclusively have 1A quality wood in our hands and that this can be made into exclusive products.

Video: What are the differences between cheap grades and 1A quality?

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