May 2017: Paulownia in full flower

The paulownia, also called the foxglove tree, is a tree that originates from China and first came to Europe in 1834 and has been known here since then as a decorative tree. In its natural environment the tree produces an upright and very large flower from April to May each year, which later turns into a seed capsule.

Despite this vivid blue natural display, there will be no flowers on our treeme plantations! Last year the frost nipped the buds of the blossoms just as they were appearing. That was perfect for our treeme trees, since the development of the blossoms and seeds demands an extremely large amount of energy from the trees and thus reduces rapid growth of the tree as a whole. For that reason we ensure that the large amount of blossoms are removed by hand from each tree so that the trees cannot develop ANY flowers, if they had not been killed off already by a period of frost.

Video: What is the current situation on the treeme plantations?

The strength for healthy growth takes priority at treeme!

In the following clip you can see Wolfgang Goese discussing the topic of "blue flowers" and some pictures of these splendid blue flowers:

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