These guitars are just fantastic (and we are to blame)!

Paulownia is an ideal tone wood that is superbly suited as a wood to make valuable musical instruments. However, a treeme guitar made entirely of this wood is quite another thing. It sounds good and weighs little - every guitarist would love that.

In the future there will certainly be more reports of this type, but we were very pleased by this one. The two guitars and the bass from the exclusive guitar maker Hemage from the Tirol were tested rigorously by the musician's magazine „Gitarre&Bass“ The welcome result is a nice article about a great product. Because these instruments are very light thanks to our wood - but no lightweights when it comes to the sound. "... open, brilliant with sufficient foundation," according to the tester. Paulownia is THE tone wood of the future. Even more motivation for our work.

To the article from "Guitar & Bass"

Gitarre und Bass

Sound test Hemage paulownia guitar

About Hemage

Interview with Nik Huber

More information on the guitar

More information on the bass

Buying trees

Treeme is offering interested parties the option to buy lots of 15 trees or more. We would be pleased to provide detailed information on request.

(For residents of Germany, a minimum investment of 200.000 € is currently required.)

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